My Go To Person For PLR and Much More

Hello All, This blog post is going to about two things. One….my biz crush on Tiffany Rae Lambert, who some of you may remember by the name of Tiffany Dow. She is no longer married and quite happy about that, hence the name change. The second part, which is probably the one you are moreRead more

Looking For Top Notch PLR? Then You Should Shop At PLR Mini Mart

I remember when I used to do direct response copy for those big Yellow books that people put their companies in. (The company gets cranky if you mention them by name..but you know who I’m talking about.) One of the gals in my group of writing pals referred to herself as the Yellow ______ Queen.Read more

Where Can I Find Great Quality PLR?

This is a question I see all the time on Facebook Groups and in forums. People are searching all the time for great PLR content that they can use on their blogs, to build a list or even create their first info product. Well it doesn’t always have to be such a pain in theRead more

15 Articles For The Coffee Niche

Hi Folks, I think it day 2 or maybe day 3 for Tiffany Lambert’s PLR coffee niche sale on As I mentioned it is a $17.00 sale ending on May/27/17. Now besides having 4 awesome short reports, Tiffany has put together 15 brand new articles on the coffee niche. The articles range in sizeRead more

Simply Delicious-Coffee PLR By Tiffany Lambert

Hi Folks,   You know even in tough times (like we are going through right now) a couple of things remain the same. People love their coffee and their chocolate. Even if money is short, everyone needs a treat to perk themselves up. Tiffany has put together a great sale. Starts at $17.00 and theRead more